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Default How to Get C files of PARI Functions?

I want to use 4 specific functions of elliptic curve of PARI/GP found in the folder in \pari2.11.3\src\functions\elliptic_curves, this folder can be downloaded (Stable version: pari-2.11.3.tar.gz) from below link -

But these functions do not have `.c` extension, but it is known that, PARI is a C library. I want use these function to call from python, so I need C version of these functions.

So, where or how can I get C version of these functions?

PS: When I say 4 specific functions, it could be any 4 from that folder, and exactly 4 of them, I hope, it is not important which 4 because procedure is same for all functions, also, I don't want use .dll file which has all the function.
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