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Default poly for C156 kindly request

Would anyone be willing to do poly search on that one C156- possibly good as e = 2.5e-12 ?
With simple yafu (no CADO nor Msieve) I receive poly not better than e = 1.952e-012.

Thanks a lot in advance,

PS. Please use format of nfs.dat.p I.E.

n: 203842833410712927553257265361853710692524121905134240210466716917926957911239954497820098762494002374151535725052813818242975458769575385036774198081803881
# norm 4.670468e-15 alpha -7.289913 e 2.517e-12 rroots 3
skew: 2971710.70
c0: -23274189821224357309898280156200576505
c1: 10988311336612933471289325784498
c2: -5481397393317645261159383
c3: -12931688786744927070
c4: 3722948949516
c5: 581400
Y0: -810893988138705201024296657396
Y1: 4900160628720071

PSS. Above one was create some time ago by VBCurtis (Thanks once more) for different C156
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