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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
What happens when we get to 1M?
We won't hit it with the rally but when we do, we'll do the same thing that we did when transitioning from the 5th to 6th drive; only we will transition from the 6th to 7th drive. To be specific: We'll dry out the current port on the 7th drive and use ports 3000 and 9000 to finish it up with "regular" (non-rally) and rally searches. In other words, if people want to stay on with their machines after the rally like they did last time to complete the drive, we want the transition from the 6th to the 7th drive to be as seemless as possible.

Since we're going through the drives so fast with the rallies, I may ask people if they want to start a lower-priority new drive for k=400-600/n>1M just as soon as we're done with the 6th drive. That will give people 2 choices for tests n>1M and 3 choices for tests n>~750K. But if we do that, we'll continue to push k=800-1001 (7th drive) with rallies and the such until we're complete with it to n=1M.

Once we are done with the 7th drive, k=1400-2000 (currently at n=~685K) becomes the priority. It is my hope to keep that range from going the way of the k=2000-3000 and 3000-3400 ranges that fell victim to the rapidly rising 5000th-place prime. I think we can do it with a sufficient number of rallies and non-rally participation.


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