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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
OK its time to focus on MyDogBuster's #2 rank

Approx a week away at the current pace.

Gary / Max / Kar_bon on the stats page could we see the number of k/n pairs remaining for the drive? At the moment it shows a daily tally of all work crunched per port. I think I have seen such a report previously but I couldn't find it easily.
Having such a report generated by the database is on my long term "dream list". It would require significant modifications because currently, the database only tracks results, not sieve files, so it can't tell you how many results are supposed to be there in a given range.

However, we do have a "Countdown meter" thread which is intended to effect the same thing, albeit manually updated. It, uh, hasn't been updated in a while. Gary or Karsten, could you possibly do that as soon as you get the chance?
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