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I was going to post this earlier when this thread was first started but I forgot: as before with the n=600K-1M individual-k drive, if anyone would like to coordinate their resources by means of an automated server like we have for our team drives, I'll be glad to host one for them. I've found that a server comes in quite handy when dealing with multiple cores/machines, especially if some of them are not easily accessible. I can do both LLRnet and PRPnet servers (for PRPnet, I'm currently using v2.4.6 for all servers, but since 3.2.3 sounds like it will finally be able to work stably on Linux machines such as our server, I'd be willing to use that if requested); results would be posted to a downloadable URL like with the NPLB/CRUS public servers, and I'd process the raw results into the standard sorted format that Gary needs them in.

Note that this isn't limited just to reservations from this individual-k drive; I'm willing to host pretty much anything that LLRnet or PRPnet will support, since these servers aren't that hard to run once you've got the infrastructure already set up. One possible case this may be useful for is if, say, you have all your clients configured for PRPnet and still want to use it even though we're moving away from it on NPLB public servers now; one person in particular emailed me regarding such a conundrum and I'm thinking of him here.
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