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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
Reserving k = 395, 397 and 399 to whatever is available. What is the cutoff at this level of sieve anyway?

Gary, I need a copy of the sieve file so I can disperse ranges.
Yeah, I was going to send the file to you and Max here shortly.

There is no cutoff. Search to whatever you want. We'll do some more sieving but the optimum depth for the entire range is not much higher than what it is already sieved to; perhaps P=175T. I wasn't going to hold the drive up any longer because it's already a far deeper sieve than anyone would search to if they were just doing a few k's on their own and the drive is likely to last 3-5 years anyway.

Unconnected and Ian, n=1M-2M is a tremendous amount of work. Are you sure you want to reserve the entire range on your reserved k's? It will likely take at least 10 times longer to search n=1M-2M than n=600K-1M.

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