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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I can't find the .log or the results.txt file in the prime 95 folder . Is there something I need to set up ?
No ... except that you may need to move your prime95 folder from Program Files to Documents if your OS is Windows Vista or Windows 7.

1) Prime95 creates the results file only after it finishes some test (i.e., when it has some result to record). It creates the .log file only when it communicates with the PrimeNet server. So, neither is present in the .zip file, and neither will initially be present in the folder to which you extracted the .zip file.

2) But if your prime95 has already communicated with the server and/or completed some test, and you still don't see the results or .log file, read the explanation at the bottom of this post, about Program Files versus Documents, under Windows Vista or Windows 7, for a different reason why the results file and .log file might not be created.

I extracted the .zip file to a folder and all the files are there except the 2 above.
That's normal for right after the extraction.

There seems to be no setup file .
The files that contain setup parameters for prime95 are the prime.txt and local.txt files (which may be named prime.ini and local.ini for older versions of prime95). The file containing work assignments is the worktodo file. Are those files present?

I was thinking of reinstalling it but I cant find the program in revo uninstaller nor windows uninstall programs to uninstall before reinstalling.
That's because prime95 was not formally "installed" when you extracted the .zip file to a folder. It doesn't have to be "installed", from Windows's point of view, in order to run normally. (As you said, prime95 simply runs when you click on the .exe file.)

Since prime95 is not "installed", it can't be "uninstalled".

Actually the main panel keeps giving me the error that it cannot find the results file !
That may be because you extracted the .zip file to a folder under Program Files.

That's a natural-enough action, but ...

In Windows Vista (and 7), you need to extract the zip file, or move your existing Prime95 folder, to your Documents, not Program Files. With those operating systems, prime95 does not have write access to its own folder if it's under Program Files, but it'll work fine when its folder is in your Documents hierarchy.

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