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Originally Posted by akruppa
What rights on part of the user does the test suite need? I.e. is root access required to install it (for cron jobs or such)?

The only PC I personally own is a P3-500 running Linux which is probably neither a targeted, nor a rare platform. At the University, the only machine I can access freely are x86 (Athlon XP mostly) Linux boxes, a few Opteron 150 running Linux, and some UltraSparc 3 and 4 under SunOS 5.9. The Opteron and Sparc are machines for general use by students so I better get permission before I start scheduled jobs or they won't stay for long.

If any of these would be any use to you, let me know.

It would need no special user permissions, assuming that the general user can compile and execute an arbitrary program. Some systems do require higher access to set up the running of scheduled jobs. Others permit a normal user to run scheduled jobs under their own id. YMMV.

As for the UltraSparc, access to them for the purpose might be of interest if there are more than one or two out there that would want to sieve on a regular basis. However, Dan reports that they have phased out all of theirs and I don't know of anyone in particular that has a number of them which would participate if we had a binary available. However, I will keep you in mind should the need arise.


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