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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
I would rather not get involved with the DC'ing assignments for two reasons. First, work that doesn't have long-term value. And second, I don't want this effort to be constrained to only GPU72 workers.

On the other hand, it would be trivial for me to ensure the candidates are appropriately TF'ed. The code already exists to prioritize certain candidates.

Aaron, if you PM me the list (or post it here) I'll put them in the system for workers to process.
I'm attaching a rough list here. These are all of the currently unassigned exponents, and I used a factor of "bad > good * 1.5" which is pretty loose. But I wanted to get as many in here *solely* for purposes of making sure they're all TF'd to a high enough level.

This also only includes exponents below 58M since I started this out as a way to fill in some vital gaps between where the DC'ing is, and M(48).

I wouldn't start on doing any DC work yet... wait on the TF'ing and then we'll have new lists of the DC eligible stuff.

For those lists, I'll include the # bad, # good, # unknown, # suspect that the same machine has done which people can use as a guide to picking the exponents they're interested in checking.
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