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I've downloaded the source and after playing around with the compiler switches, I think I have compiled a binary for the SunFire 4800 running Solaris 9. Here is what I used:

cc -o Mlucas -dalign -fsimple=2 -fns -fsingle -xbuiltin=%all -xlibmil -Bstatic -xO5 -xsafe=mem -xprefetch -xarch=v8plusb *.c -lm

I've also used the same switches (except using -xarch=v8plusa) on an Enterprise E420R running Solaris 5.8.

I've run the self tests to set up the configuration files and I'm now running a double check as the first test on one of the CPUs.

If anyone wants any timings or the binary or anything, leave a post.

Thanks for the help.
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