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I've just finished sieving the last block for 321.

Thanks to Thomas, Scott and Ryan for their help sieving over the last three years. A special thanks to Paul Jobling for a great program, NewPGen, which I have had not the slightest hiccup using during that time.

In total I guess it's been about 50 GHz years computing

All remaining 321 candidates, numbers less than one and half million digits, have been sieved to 236 trillion. This has been done using Athlons and is therefore super efficient for Pentium 4s etc running LLR

I've now got my PIII and Athlons running LLR -- it's all out 321 LLR here. I will post some timings in a few days.

We need all the help we can get. If you have a computer and a few weeks to run it then you'll have 60 odd chances of finding a prime with over three quarters of million digits

All you need is:
the program LLR
a 321 input file
and to leave a message that you're doing it.

Good luck to all 321 prime hunters!
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