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Default Hexadecaproth Reservation Thread (n=76)

See the posts by R. Gerbicz in this thread:

Windows binary:
hexadeca_1_5.c source:

Get the program above (either windows binary or c source to compile).
Look at the list of work units assigned so far and a range that is not assigned.
Be sure to check that no-one else has reserved them in the later posts, I'll try my best to keep this post up to date.

MIN: 0
666 R. Gerbicz DONE
1,000 - 1,050 Greenbank DONE
1,051 - 1,500 Greenbank RESERVED
456,789 R. Gerbicz DONE
3,000,000-3,000,200 Kosmaj RESERVED
MAX: 3,869,774

Please post reservations and details of work units completed in this thread!

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