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Originally Posted by robert44444uk
No, you guys are totally right, and I was totally wrong. I did not notice until this morning as I set my computer on its merry way for what I thought was the last 0.6E15, and realised I was a whole magitude adrift.

But I doubt I have the computer resources to run this much further. Each 1E15 takes about 8 hours, so the whole exercise will take someone 10 days.

I will complete to 4E15, and then release this one.


Robert Smith
If I put my whole G5 on it I can have n=55 done in a shade under 2 days. I think this may be the limit of computing all Octoproths for a specific n. Let me check Robert's estimation formula:-

est(54) = 225950 (actual = 230143)
est(55) = 772429
est(56) = 280214
est(57) = 1253015
est(58) = 2335233
est(59) = 2922982
est(60) = 5869985

I might do n=56 as well, since it has fewer Octoproths than n=55. n=57 looks like a step too far.
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