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Default Number of octoproths per n

All ranges checked from k=1 to 2^n (where 2^n-k would be 0).

All primes verified with PARI 2.1.7.

n<=26 op=0
n=27 op=1
n=28 op=2
n=29 op=1
n=30 op=1
n=31 op=2
n=32 op=6
n=33 op=2
n=34 op=13
n=35 op=26
n=36 op=11
n=37 op=92
n=38 op=28
n=39 op=83
n=40 op=331
n=41 op=110
n=42 op=453
n=43 op=632
n=44 op=1297
n=45 op=2129
n=46 op=5017
n=47 op=5278
n=48 op=3979
n=49 op=56905
n=50 op=18547
n=51 op=16870
n=52 op=219117
n=53 op=60620
n=54 op=230143
n=55 op=786971
n=56 op=285415

Full list of Octoproths in completed ranges (up to n=54):
Raw text: 12024KB (12MB!)
ZIP: 4922KB (4.9MB)

TODO - Download link for user discovered Octoproths (with attributions)

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