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PS - One tip on FI cars: If you do manage to flood the engine, press the gas pedal all the way to the floor and crank it for 5-10 seconds. Doing so turns off the fuel in most cars and allows you to clear the flooding.

PPS - We always look at "won't start" problems as a lack of fuel, air, compression OR spark. (In acute cases it is rarely an "AND" case.) Usually, the fuel and air part are easily diagnosed. Compression is rarely the problem for an acute problem. Lack of sufficient spark is usually what we find. In those cases the vast majority are battery-age-related. YMMV of course.
When a carburettor engine is flooded one uses the same technique : open up gas fully and crank the engine a few times.
My last motorcycles didn't need a battery : they had a magneto, much more reliable as illustrated by the fact that they are still used on aircraft piston engines.

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