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The WR gaps so far have all been fully checked, consequently this gap should also be fully checked IMHO.
My pocket calculator says for 36375 tests it would take me about 82 days for a full check on my Win8-PC. Depending on the progress, later I can also allocate some more resources (two more cores on my newest laptop which is a bit faster than the PC). I haven't tried -a1 in OpenPFGW yet.
But for a start it would be good if you could just provide the list of values -3531714 < x < 3654858 for which 29*479909#/19#+x has to be checked (either here or via PM). I would then pick a range, x < -2000000 say, and start testing.
Thanks Mart!
and also thanks in advance to Kruoli!

Regarding logging: using the minus L option: -lyourlogfilenamehere.txt command in the command line, will log all output into a textfile in the directory where the pfgw64 executable file is. I am not sure what -a1 does, I remember Jens asked me to use that in 2013. Logging will do the trick just fine!

Attached you will find the list of candidates after sieving till 10^12. In 2 files, on for the plus side and another for the minus side. It has all candidates in a range 29*Prime(40.000)#/9699690 +/- 50*Prime(40.000). Just delete the extra values outside the range -3531714 < x < 3654858. The first 3 rows look like:

Those are the multiplier (29), the divider (9699690) and the primorial of Prime(40.000) = 479909#
From the 4th line onwards you will find the remaining candidates on the minus or plus side, each side has a separate file.

Note: The 62.5 days was based on around 10 minutes per PRP on my machine. Taking 13 minutes per PRP on yours would indeed take 18 extra days... There should be a smarter way ...

Kind regards
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