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Originally Posted by mart_r View Post
I could donate some cycles for PRPing (four OpenPFGW instances, each can check one number in about 13 minutes, ballpark).
Provided that someone else can do the sieving part. Or is a list of divisors > 10^10 (say) available, so I can sieve for the small factors myself and then take the numbers from that list?
That would be great, I have the files with the candidates (sieved till 10^12) if you want, but be aware: it might take you 6000 hours in total, 1500 when using 4 cores. That means 62,5 days ...

Maybe we can work out a smarter way? Doeing a sample check?
I think the -a1 option of Pfgw also saves the outcome of a PRP, not sure, but maybe than we can spread the effort?

Open for suggestions
Kind regards
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