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Originally Posted by LarsNet View Post
Here's a weird question, what's a good first thing to get involved with (or what did you first get started with). I'm so new to this, i'm not sure where to start.
You have a few options for heavy duty prime number crunching. Number 1 is GIMPS, maybe you feel lucky and could find the next largest prime. Number 2 is PrimeGrid. They have plenty of sub-projects and it is fairly easy to hook up to their server. Number 3 do you own thing for example search for primes of the form 127*2^n+1. There are plenty of options in the "big primes" world/. Number 4 do some factoring. Number 5 If you were so inclined, you could use a nice 32/64 core AMD machine to do some ECPP work -- record primes for this take the order of a couple of months each.

I started years back with a program called PrimeForm for Windows which is now obsolete due to improvements in code -- it morphed into the extant OpenPFGW. There is also the program LLR. Primegrid have their own client softwares. Finding a top5000 prime nowadays is pretty routine for "small" primes of 1/2 million digits.

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