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Charybdis, this is awesome to me, i'm looking for these SPRP's, is there really no place to download them at? Obcoisouly i'm hoping for sizes larger than 64 but it really seems like if i want to do this that i'm going to have to buy the hardware and make them myself
As far as I know no-one has systematically searched for 2-PSPs beyond 2^64. If you want to get to 2^79, you'll probably need lots of fast GPUs, lots of CPUs, and some very efficient code. But as LaurV says, what's the point? The only use I can see would be to extend the search for BPSW pseudoprimes, and this is really only of theoretical interest: even if there is a BPSW pseudoprime below 2^79, it's not like anyone's ever going to come across it by accident. And if we really want to prove primality, APR-CL and ECPP are very quick at this size.
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