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Default Need help with NewPGen(octoproths)

I'm attempting to find an octoproth where if n=105 then find a k where the following are all prime


I'm stumped and I think I'd have to search for a long LONG time to get something that even remotely resembles what we're doing. This is the thread I got the idea from.

I've sieved the obvious first 4 combinations to 1.7 billion, but the second step stumps me. I've tried copying and pasting the ABC code to the beginning of the file with no changes and it simply started sieving the same old way(Well I did change the number to 3). I tried put the ABC code AFTER the "code" line. No dice. Lastly, and the output I got a split second before the Microsoft requesting information makes me think I'm on the right track, was to delete the "code" at the beginning of the file and JUST put in the ABC code. Apparently I'm on the right track, although a split second after it printed the number of digits it was about to sieve it errored out(Microsoft message).

Here're my specs:

Windows XP SP 2
1.75 =GHz Sempron 256K L2 cache
cmov(yes),sse(yes),sse2(no)<--I think this could be the problem.

I going to start sieving the old file again until I get a response.
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