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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
If the OP does not respond to answers, then everyone else should sit on their hands.
This is an internet forum, not a face to face conversation. In a face to face conversation not responding might be rude. On a forum, there can be many reasons not to respond.
When someone makes a bold claim and another person then asks for clarification
the OP should be obligated to respond. I call that common courtesy. You claim
that people here should be courteous.

You are hiding behind what is really going on. The OP posted a bold faced lie
and then deliberately ignored a question because he had no valid response. Yet you
excuse the behavior as possibly "having many reasons not to answer".

So, do you want trolls dealt with or not? You say that the mods have ignored it, then that they acted to harshly (this is the same person that you identified as a troll).
Ernst acted overly harshly not in response to a troll post, but rather to a reasonable question. And he used similar language for which I am criticized. And noone said
a thing about it. It is hypocricy of the worst kind.

You can criticize trolls, but you must do so civilly. The language used, whether in words or initials should be appropriate for a high school classroom.
You obviously have limited experience in high school classrooms. You also seem
more concerned about superficial language than the content of troll posts and about
maintaining minimal academic integrity.


No one is forcing you to be here. You it is your choice. If you want to remain here and be active, you need to watch your language. You have been warned and banned before. Therefore you get less slack as a repeat offender. You are not ignorant of the need for civility.
I agree about the civility. The issue is the question: what is civility? I claim
trolling and crank posts and failure to respond is highly uncivil. You disagree.
You claim "STFU" is uncivil. I claim that it is mere hyperbole. I claim that
calling someone "clueless" is an appropriate response to repeated false posts
in combination with a deliberate unwillingness to learn or study.

And I see that you totally ignored my comments about plagiarism. You seem to
think that it is OK as implied by your silence.

And you ignored my comments about Ernst's abuse of power and the lack of
response to his (by your definition) uncivil comments.

I call this hypocricy on your part. You see what you want to see and ignore the rest.
Your priorities are wrong.

As for "forcing you to be here" we've all heard that argument before. i.e. "our country.
love it or leave it. You are not forced to be here". It is a crock.

Silence in response to trolling only gives consent. And it encourages
further trolling. And failure to respond allows less knowledgeable people to believe
that nonsense claims might be true.

You seem to want this forum to be a "feel good social club" and do not seem to care
about any kind of academic integrity. I think it stinks. "Feel good" polite responses
to trolls and cranks DO NOT WORK. They keep offending. But you seem to think
it is OK.

Get the trolls and cranks out of this sub-forum and demand that they only post
in the misc math or blogorrhea forums.
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