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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
Noone here seems to think that the failure to respond is rude.

Based on the lack of responses it seems that it is OK to make a
false claim then run away and hide when asked a question about that
claim. Noone has commented on his lack of response.
If the OP does not respond to answers, then everyone else should sit on their hands.
This is an internet forum, not a face to face conversation. In a face to face conversation not responding might be rude. On a forum, there can be many reasons not to respond.

So, do you want trolls dealt with or not? You say that the mods have ignored it, then that they acted to harshly (this is the same person that you identified as a troll).

You can criticize trolls, but you must do so civilly. The language used, whether in words or initials should be appropriate for a high school classroom.

No one is forcing you to be here. You it is your choice. If you want to remain here and be active, you need to watch your language. You have been warned and banned before. Therefore you get less slack as a repeat offender. You are not ignorant of the need for civility.
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