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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
I still don't see it. Taylor's Theorem is defined for real numbers. You state x is in N. What is the derivative of f(x)? Can you give the first three terms of f(x+h)?

Of course the O.P. fails to respond to the question.
(about his function being nowhere differentiable).
He would have to acknowledge that his claimed theorem is false
and that the so-called proof is phony.

Noone here seems to think that the failure to respond is rude.

Based on the lack of responses it seems that it is OK to make a
false claim then run away and hide when asked a question about that
claim. Noone has commented on his lack of response.

Further, while I am reluctant to say the word 'plagiarism', I will
note that "paulunderwood" failed to give propper attribution
to the source of his comment/question (made above).
I suggested in a PM to him that the claimed use of Taylor's theorem
was erroneous prior to his public post. He failed to give attribution.

But of course, noone here will be concerned about this lack of
academic integrity either.

As for why the O.P. failed to respond I can only guess:

Derivatives do not exist so the claim of a proof by Taylor's theorem is phony.

Does anyone here have any academic integrity?

Trolls and cranks are OK. Failure to respond to polite questions is OK.
Plagiarism is OK. But if I criticize a troll you all shout "rude".
Some moderator with too much power will ban someone over the use
of 'STFU', but ignore repeated crank posts and trolling as well
as lack of any kind of technical integrity.
[Note: See below!!!!]

Your priorities are screwed up.

Finally, the O.P. asked in a misc math "Group Theory" thread why there was no
group theory discussion. This is a simple, innocent discussion.
Ernst, in a typical moderator hypocritical post then wrote:

"Why - you want to give yourself a chance to look like an idiot in an exciting new thread?
Seriously, dude, just shut up already. Here, I'll help you by giving you a nice 7-day timeout."

In the original thread, Ernst also said:
"crap-flinging should've been nipped in the bud".

But I suppose that since he is a moderator it is OK for him to call the OP an idiot.
It is OK for him to tell the OP to shut up. It is OK for him to call the original thread
"crap flinging".

And in this instance all the OP did was to ask an innocent question! And for that he got banned!???
He did not get banned for his repeated (over many years) trolling false claims in the math forum, but for simply
asking a question in misc. math.

Can you say "abuse of moderator power"?? Can you say "hypocrite"???
Can you say "screwed up priorities"??? Can you say "plagiarism"???
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