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[QUOTE=LaurV;358451]Why not 15.b4? < snip >
I foresee 15.b4 Nb3, 16.Rb1 c4 (horse has no good place to go), and retreating it in c6 the former move is just wasting time, and we get a pawn), 17.dxc4 dxc4,[/QUOTE]I think you mean 17 ... bxc4[quote]18.Nb2[/quote]18 ... Bxe4 19 Rbd1 (not 19 Rbe1 Bxc3 20 Re2 Bd3) Bxc3 20 Nxc4 ... with threat of Nxd6.

[quote]We are strong there now, and we just destroyed his advanced, strong pawns, at "lower cost" for us.[/quote]... except for leaving our e- and c-pawns [I]en prise[/I] as a result of our (15th,) 17th & 18th moves in that line :-)

... which is why 15 a4 instead of 15 b4, but after the latter, continuation beyond 20 Nxc4 might be favorable anyway. Needs more analysis, I think.

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