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[QUOTE=WMHalsdorf;358214]The only thing left is to move the rook on a1 to free the knight on d1 to move to the either e3 if empty or f2.[/QUOTE]In particular, Ra2 would keep a threat on the a-file, with the continued intersection of our QR's and dark-squared B's power lines at a7, to inhibit Black adventures on the Q-side.

I'm still thinking about Rb1.

But let's consider 14 ... Nd4 before deciding our 14th move!

It may be time for 14 c3.

[QUOTE=LaurV;358215]I believe we still have to fight for the center and queen side, otherwise those black pawns can make a lot of trouble there... [/QUOTE]I agree we need continued attention to center and Q-side. 14 c3 fits that.

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But what if 14 c3 Na5 ?

15 a4 Nb3 16 Ra3 c4 17 axb5 ... ?

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