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In this case, then also some rook move can be considered... I think Ra2 or Rb1 (as cheesehead suggested before) will not be a bad move.

I had a look at g4. In fact the idea is that I would like to push e5. They can't beat it, if they do, they are doomed, they lose the center, the pawn in c5, we exchange some pieces, etc, at the end we have more sustains there and we stay much better. So, push e5, block that bishop, we stay well in the center, we can make troubles for his advanced pawns in b/c very easy now... The only problem is that if we push e5 immediately, right now, well... they can ignore it and move Nf5, threatening the bishop and the king's corner. Therefore I spent about an hour thinking if it worth to waste a move to push g4, just to avoid his Nf5. I am not so convinced.... :D

Something else we can't move... (beside the c3, Nc3, some adventures with the rook from a1, etc, there is not much we can do). I can't see the king flank attack you are talking about, and I believe we still have to fight for the center and queen side, otherwise those black pawns can make a lot of trouble there...

We may attack the king's side later (we will have to!), but there is still work to do for it...

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