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Hmm, they preferred Ne7 (like going to Nd4, then Nec6, a very sharp pin in out ribs), instead of more aggressive Nf6 (with good perspectives to Ng4 - another sharp pin: take the bishop from e3, threatening to let the pawn in b2 without guard, actually I would have played Nf6 if I would have played black, this was a nice attack on the right, to hit us on the left, like in karate, pretend to punch his face and swap his legs, hehe... This is why the chess is so beautiful!)

So, they preferred Ne7, this means they still want the bishop free on the diagonal and they are still targeting our abc-123 corner.

Therefore, I think nobody will have any objection to c3 now... or... isn't Nc3 better? (more aggressive?)

My own (small) objection (to this game in general), is that we played too passively. Mostly in gote, less in sente. This is kinda loser attitude.. :smile: Strangely, because we play white! (we had first move, blah blah). Our team was more aggressive in the former game, as black... With Nc3 we may take the sente now, for a while, as they must defend b5 (pushing it is disastrous!)

This does not mean that I am right, it is just a feeling. I may be wrong. I remember I was against Nd1 move, I was seeing it as too defensive at the time, but it proved to be a very good move, defending the left side and letting us to play other moves, but now that horse became over-loaded, it can't guard both the left corner and the center (e3 bishop, etc). Black horse in g4 would have been a lot of trouble. So, maybe is time to take the horse in d1 out for a walk? Or not yet?

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