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There are no good queen moves we can do. Qc7 we lose the queen, Qe7 we lose the rook (and he destroys our castling too, very bad!). Qb6 we just give him two moves for free, because after Be3 we need to put it back (to keep the control of Nc7+) or on a5, and lose a move and half (he has the sente now). We may do Qa5 now, but white still has a lot of attack there, like Bf4, etc. Actually, after Qa5 Bd2, we have to put it back to d8. If we move something else after Bd2, white has an extremely strong attach with Nd5, bishop attacks queen in a5, and after we move the queen or put our bishop in front at b4, he has Nbc7+ and rook is gone as well as the game. I don't think that any queen move is good now, and I don't even need any engine for it.

6..Bb4 looks good for us, I would play it without thinking, in a face to face game.

The database indicates 6...d6 as the best move now, by far, and I do not exactly understand why.

We need a deeper analysis here. With the engine too, of course.

edit: what your engines say? Time to start them?

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