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Originally Posted by odin View Post
You should try what I showed above.

You could get mprime to only do 1 stage 2 P-1 factoring test at a time so all the allocated ram will be dedicated to that. The other workers will move to a Stage 1 P-1 factoring test for another exponent in the meantime. Then when that one is finished another worker thread will go back to a previous exponent and finish Stage 2 and the cycle repeats. You will work through the same amount of exponents but each Stage 2 will have as much ram allocated to it as possible.

in prime.txt add:


in local.txt add:


Tell me how it works out.
If you have 6 cores doing stage 1s and only one core at a time doing stage 2s it will not keep up. Maybe better to have 4 capable of doing stage 2 to make sure it keeps up. 200mb each and 200mb for the OS still is just 1gb.
Should be fine. (fine for Linux, MS-win might want more)

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