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You use llrnet client correctly.

For the "?" that is a known error of the GUI when displaying information for
"k*2^n+1". When used with riesel numbers the display is correct.

The GUI is designed to be independant from the worker task. This is one reason why the llrnet client does not stop working when you close the gui.

That makes it possible to look at the status of llrnet client on other PCs.

When you look into llr-clinetconfig.txt you find the following lines:

-- uncomment the following line to allow remote control of your client
-- see also options below to configure who can connect
GUIremote = 1

-- if several clients are running on the same machine, give each of them
-- a different GUI port to listen to
GUIport = 6999

-- GUI password, it is strongly recommended to change it
-- if you don't restrict GUI clients to local connections
GUIpassword = "llrnet"

If you have set this up like above you can access the client from another PC in the same network.

To do this open the GUI. You see a window called clients:
Right click into this window and choose "add a client". You get a dialog which asks you for a descriptive name for the new client the IP address the port and the password. Insert the values from the llr-clientconfig.txt.

When you choose a client from the list the windows "Info, Console, unsend results and queued work" will show the values for the client you choose.

The GUI does not store any historic data. So the results display is cleared whenever you restart the client.

Yes i did answer some questions that you did not ask but i hope i also answered all questions you did ask.


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