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Default LLRnet-Remote

Am I using this application correctly?

When I start LLRnet from Windows Explorer I see an icon with 4 vertical bars in the system tray. I right click on console and I right click on new gui window. I maximise the gui and then click on the console.

In the gui I see under clients
name: local
address: localhost
port: 6999
status: (?% complete, a time approx 10ms per it.)?

In the centre of the screen are two tabs Info and Console. If I look at Info it will show any work my computer has completed.

At the bottom of the screen is an area that shows results waiting to be sent to the server (if I don't have an active internet connection) otherwise they are sent immediately and this area is empty. On the right at the bottom is a list of cached work units in a queue waiting their turn to be processed.

Part of llr-clientconfig.txt contains this:
server = ""
port = 12984

Part of lresults.txt contains this:
237019*2^1801726+1 is not prime. RES64: C8F3503413C4DDA5 Time: 23491.004 sec.
Result 237019/1801726 succesfully sent to the server.

Why do I see a question mark in the percent complete section of the LLRnet-Remote GUI window? The LLRnet console displays the value.

Also, if I quit the GUI program the console still runs so I have to Ctrl-C it. When I restart the "history" of sent work disappears from the GUI.

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