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Default ECM Work and Parameter Choices


I find it interesting that Bruce just found a factor of 11,256+ that is
"only" 48 digits. What is interesting is that he used B1 = 850 million and
that prior searches all missed it. I would have expected a search at 110M
or (almost certainly) 260M to have found this.

Bruce is certainly doing a terrific job. We all hope that he has
continued success.

I am about 95% done with sieving 2,820+. I will then do 2,815-,
followed by 2,833+. Would someone like to take a heavy wack at the
latter with ECM? There are also only two numbers in the 2- table
left undone with exponent less than 800. 2,787- and 2,799-. (2,793- is
being sieved)

Perhaps people might like to take a heavy wack at these?
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