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I found the weight for k=698790798615 to be 1937.

When k>2^31 it has to be given to NewPGen as a product of factors less than 2^31. In the example above, k=1763*396364605. If such factorization does't exist then such k cannot be sieved using NewPgen.

Also, when using NewPGen be sure to check the "Verify results" box. There were reports of wrong results if it's not checked. I also log the removed numbers (Options-->Log the numbers removed).

And finally, sieve agressively, to say so, 24 hrs sieving is not enough (except for some very low weight k's or very small ranges of n). In my experience you cannot oversieve if you go to 1T (1000 bn), not even to 2T. If you have both Athlons and P-4's then sieve on Athlons, do LLR on P-4's.
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