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Originally Posted by xx005fs View Post
I don't think it will be worth it to run on those super low clock bulldozer CPUs on the game consoles even with prime95's great optimization. Instead posting a gpu app such as gpuowl would utilize the resources much better as the GCN gpus on xboxes have a lot of compute potentials and a great deal of memory bandwidth.
I was thinking of the next gen releasing within a year, both Xbox and PS5 will be octa-core 7nm Ryzen zen2 with Navi GPUs (rumoured to be 36 CU's at 2GHz for PS5 like an OC'd RX 5700, 56 CU's at 1.7GHz for Xbox, the reality is more likely this CU count but clocked lower). gpuowl would be great but AMD have dropped the ball big time on OpenCL support for desktop Navi cards, hacking support into a locked down device sounds non-trivial at least.
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