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Sure, but I must leave it to someone more well-versed in NFS to reply.
I believe it's the size in bits of cofactors to be fed to ECM to be split.
I believe CADO uses lambda to also control the size of cofactors, as lambda * LP size. This provides finer-grained control over cofactor size; however, I am not sure about this.

I tried today's git on a small job with tasks.I = 12 replaced with tasks.A = 24 (or 32), and got an error that tasks.I was not specified. This means the params.c240 file posted today by PaulZ would not actually run, I think.

I was hoping/speculating that tasks.A was a measure of sieve area, and that CADO might now vary the dimensions of the area intelligently. I = 16 corresponds to 2^16 by 2^15 for the sieve region, akin to 16e GGNFS. Alas, a mystery we await an answer for!
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