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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
No trick intended. The point was, I went for a manual assignment, and instead of it working as usual, returning one or more assignments with aid(s), it returned an incomplete page as shown in the attached screen capture image, which might have been due to the maintenance going on at the time. It worked for me before that, and after that. It's not at all surprising that it would work days after the maintenance was completed; that is the intended result of maintenance!
Just a little behind-the-scenes...

When I'm going to do any maintenance like installing the Microsoft patches, my first step is to stop the web services before installing anything. There's usually a very good chance the patches are going to stop/start web services, especially when doing .NET framework stuff, so I just avoid it and stop it altogether.

I suppose if the timing is just right, I could stop the web services and something that was "in progress" could get killed off prematurely.

Typically though, when you stop the web server, it lets any outstanding requests complete first. The only time it would kill anything is if it took longer than the timeout period to complete (something like 30 seconds... I forget). I don't always pay attention to how long it takes to stop, but it's entirely possible.
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