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Originally Posted by nucleon View Post
At $2/hr, you could of bought a GTX560Ti card for that after a week. (or even less depending on pricing in your local area)

A GTX560Ti needs about 4-5GHz* of CPU to saturate it.

A saturated GTX560Ti delivers about 120+ GHzdays/day* of TF output.

In that week, the rented machine may have done 3500GHz.days work.

So after a month, you'd be way ahead. Of course this assumes, you have 4-5GHz of local CPU grunt you can run 24*7.

-- Craig Meyers
*Figures are indicative only, your mileage may vary.
Yeah, the only problem is that my 2006-vintage Pentium 4 Prescott would merely "dampen" that card, rather than "saturate" it. (Assuming that the magic smoke just didn't up and totally leave upon plugging the card into such an antiquated box.)
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