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Question mfaktc for dummies

So, I have become interested in dropping a few bucks and trying out the GPU clusters over on Amazon EC2 (you get 8 2.66-GHz Xeon cores IIRC and *two* Fermi GPUs - 448 cores each...insert Homer Simpson drooling noise...for $2.10/hour guaranteed or something like 80 cents an hour floating price).

Anyway, I think I just successfully donated four bucks or so, trying to get mfaktc up and running. I got the executable copied over, but when I went to run it, I kept getting an error that the file "" was nowhere to be found. Didn't get a single number tested. Do any of you mfaktc gurus know what this error message means, and how I might get around it? As far as I know (and can tell), the latest CUDA toolkit (4.0.17) is installed on the Amazon system.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. And if I were to get something like this up and running, how many GHz-days per hour could I reasonably expect to pull in?
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