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Question Individual Account Report queries

The client has been running on my home and office system since about 7 days. Still I get the following status:

LL P90* Exponents Fact.P90 Exponents P90 CPU
CPU yrs LL Tested CPU yrs* w/ Factor hrs/day
------- --------- -------- --------- -------
0.000 0 0.001 0 1.46

The P90 CPU hrs/day value seems to be decreasing every day. What is this?
Why doesn't the value of Exponents CPU yrs* change?

what does each of this this mean?
prime fact current days
exponent bits iteration run / to go / exp date updated date assigned computer ID Mhz Ver

One of my prime exponent doesn't have a *, has been running for 7 days and there are 6 days to go. What does it mean?

The other still has a * after 7 days (That PC is slow & I am testing 10M number there!!).
What does that mean?

Thank you for your help,
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