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Originally Posted by retina View Post
I suspect that if you have good cooling then you can exceed TDP indefinitely.

If you don't care about efficiency or longevity then there is little to worry about when running it at full capacity, the CPU will throttle itself if things get too hot.
I thought I replied to that effect but must have neglected to hit send. Basically the link they're quoting from is intentionally vague and doesn't even mention generation, which is iffy as they've been adding more and more tiers of boost and guarantee over the generations as they've had to keep pushing limits further. For a start TDP for modern intel is for baseline all-core, it's a guarantee that if you have a cooler that can keep up with the TDP that the processor can perform at least to the baseline (unsure if they even include AVX/2 in this stat). There's a few types of normal boost that I believe are indefinite if conditions allow, and there's also timed boosts (PL1 and PL2 with tau for time) that far exceed normal limits if conditions allow. Motherboard manufacturers can also set tau to indefinite out of the box if they like, many did a few generations ago to boost their benchmark stats but I don't know if that practice continues.

Some of this may or may not apply to their specific processor, the model has been lost to the forum void.
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