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Originally Posted by axn View Post
TDP doesn't mean maximum power consumed by the CPU. A 165W TDP processor could easily consume 200W or more running flat out. Not saying that's what your CPUs are doing, but it is possible.

Also 12 sticks of RAM consumes a fair bit of power.
Yes, I realise the RAM could use a fair bit of power. That was an oversight not putting it on my list.

To quote from the Intel website

What is the maximum power consumption for my processor?Under a steady workload at published frequency, it is TDP. However, during turbo or certain workload types such as IntelĀ® Advanced Vector Extensions (IntelĀ® AVX) it can exceed the maximum TDP but only for a limited time , or
  • Until the processor hits a thermal throttle temperature, or
  • Until the processor hits a power delivery limit.
So the CPU would not use 200 W for a sustained period of time - only a limited period of time. I would have thought those limits were seconds or minutes, not hours.

There's no way of overclocking/underclocking the RAM or CPUs in my machine. I've got some Dell and IBM servers here, but the power consumption of them is frightening. They rarely get used. I've not tried them with GIMPS - the noise level makes it impractical to use them.
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