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Why do you think AMD has no problems with miners? If an AMD card comes along that is very useful for we mathematicians, why wouldn't it also be very useful for mining?
AMD seems to be willing to grant more freedom to its buyers because it wants more buyers and markets anyway. The current Radeon 6900 XT seems to be a bit slower than the very top end, I expect the next generation 7900 XT will fulfill all the expectations including the mining.

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[Worker #2 May 29 20:26] Stage 2 init complete. 75668 transforms. Time: 425.106 sec.
[/CODE]Be aware that server grade CPUs will most likely require ECC RAM, and that is significantly more expensive than RAM without error correction. Dell want just over £500 ($709 USD) for a single 32 GB stick of DDR4 ECC RAM for this Dell 7920 tower workstation. Even third party (Kingston) RAM is about £180 for 32 GB from a reseller. A distributor is a bit cheaper, but they can't currently get any 32 GB RDIMMs from Kingston.

I hope I can get the DDR5 memories by the time I purchase my next PC if possible. Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 will be available at that time.

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This is correct.
Once we have tested those below that range, we will test them too. We want to make sure that we know the M54 is M54 and not M55. But it makes no sense to test them until we get to that range. The machines that we will have then will be better for testing those numbers.
AMD Threadripper 5970X should be able to finish 1 PRP test of M168,xxx,xxx every 4 and a half day, so good enough to me.

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