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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Also, reference clumps followed by droughts and vice versa in something that is randomly distributed: In the famous words of one well-known mathetmatician here: pure jibberish. A clump can be just as easily followed by another clump instead of a drought, which makes it even a larger clump. The same applies to droughts. Any attempt to start testing after a long drought in anticipation of a coming clump is akin to the gambler's fallacy.
Well, to more precisely elaborate on what I meant, I wasn't meaning to say that a clump is necessarily "due" after a long drought...just that, quite often, once you first find one, you may well have hit a clump. (i.e., you can't use it to predict anything until you're right on top of it) But indeed, you're right, it's all very other words, "jibberish".

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