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One final thing...Ironbits had indicated at a previous time that he'll set up a "personal" server for anyone if they'd like. So if you want to reserve a k or two here and still run it through LLRnet, let him know and I'm sure he'll get you set up.
And one thing I'll add to that: If anybody takes IronBits up on his offer for a personal server, I will be more than happy to process the results. The only requirement is that you email me the exact original knpairs file that you send to IronBits, since that is necessary for me to do the processing.

In fact, I'm already doing this for Gary on port 8000--when it ran out of NPLB public work, he had IronBits load it up with some of his private work so that some machines that he no longer has access to, but were still crunching away on port 8000, would have some work to do. (Some of our more astute members may have noticed that port 8000 still shows up on the report, but with some non-NPLB k and n values listed--now you know why. ) I'm still waiting for Gary to send me the knpairs for part of the work he loaded into the server, though (*nudge nudge*).

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