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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
how long would some of the lowest weight ks take to process lets take 337 for the example
I can't say how long but here is a good comparison:

The average n-range here is n=800K. 70% of the n-range is n=880K.

Your testing in drive 1 was at n=335K for ~2250 tests. k=337 is 2657 tests.

LLR time goes up by the square of n so:

Using the average n-range:
(800K/335K)^2*(2657/2250) = 6.73 times as long as your n=335K range.

Using 70% of the n-range:
(880K/335K)^2*(2657/2250) = 8.15 times as long as your n=335K range.

As a general rule, it is somewhere in between the average n-range and 70% of the n-range, so split the difference; perhaps 7.5 times as long.

For most reservations here, I suggest at least 2 cores running them unless you reserve a low-weight k or a partial n-range.


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