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Hi Citrix,

there are 5 Riesel numbers below k=1 million:
509203, 762701, 777149, 790841, and 992077.

I'll send you a complete list of zero weighted k's as well as the "less than 40" list by private mail. Interesting to note, that there are much more k's of zero weight than k's with weights between 0 and 40 ...

Currently I'm extending the weights list to k=500M, any co-workers are welcome, but the problem is how to store and exchange the large data blocks generated by the program (e.g. 10.5 MByte for a 1M k-range).
Well, one could cancel the w' computation and store k and w in binary form (4 + 2 Byte), but this is still 3 MByte instead of 10.5 MByte.

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