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I wanted to join 15k search and I selected 15k=1581823815 from I didn't look into "I'd like to help" thread where cyrix's post about the reservation was. I've sent a message about the reservation to on the 6th of March, but I got no response till now. I couldn't wait, and began sieving. I sieved the range 164000-220000. Then I bagan to do LLR tests. And I found a prime! It was 1581823815*2^165037-1. The first thing I did -- I googled for "1581823815 165037". And I was taken to stats page. So, the prime was known!

So, the question is: how to reserve a 15k and to be totally sure that I will not do duplicate work? Why isn't updated? If it is really out of date, a message about could be placed on it, to avoid such confusion.
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