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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
If you look at these: 104056151, 104056079,and 104055901 you will see that someone is going in and liberating those that Lisander has in their clutches. It appears that that person is working from the lower exponents upward. If someone else (such as you) worked from the higher downward, or found other such exponents that are being tied up with no work being done on them, that could help clear this problem until the the powers that be fix the assignments rules WRT P-1.
Is someone liberating them, or are they perhaps expiring? All those you point to were assigned the same date (2021-05-16) as those I see, but those you point to were expired today. The only thing that is odd is that they expired after 37 days, which is a bit of an unusual number.

I'm not going to poach them.
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