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Default Excessive hording of P-1 factoring assignments (and people's attention)

I was looking at the active exponents, and in particular the P-1 factoring assignments. User "Lisander Viaene" has completed 12 P-1 factoring assignments in the last year
and contributed 102.621 GHz days of P-1. All very useful.

However, that same user has roughly 24 active P-1 assignments
with ETAs of between -30 and -36 days (i.e. all later than expected), with the most that any individual assignment has completed is 1.4% of stage 1 - most show no work whatsoever. All are on computer "Desktop", which may or may not be the same machine.

Is this not a bit excessive? These would be category 0 if they were PRP tests, so it does not seem reasonable to me for someone to hog all these, but not really doing any work on them. I'm not suggesting the user is breaking any assignment rules, but do believe there should be rules to prevent this.

I am aware of exponents that have been owned by a user for longer - even seen reports on here of some being years, where rules are not enforced.

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