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Originally Posted by TauCeti
I checked the forum and the list and could not find results for 5,304+ and also not for 2,716+

If someone could post the results here or on the list i will see to it that they also appear on the website.

btw: It's apparent that the website needs a major overhaul. I am the webmaster but - let's face the facts - a pretty sloppy one. If anyone this has the skills and the time to redesign the pages, please feel free to contact me (


716 (4) 94513.10240246321.6249618890312649605712432659622854257.22562882829685667659941188646849469227356664645922433.P111


304 (16) 40129.52289.912480527030336132161.218353713527382179771166705049588259776583489.P127


307 (1) 1229.11025070531745749.814616586610803721.2297296977063162527.754407444590658069665034348564831349816756299325427713589455248131953556687063.P81
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